Saturday, August 25, 2018

Partially fulfilled prophetic dream - Oct 2022 watch for its 100% fulfillment

By Bill Weather - edited 9/20 (original post below)

    Many confirming testimonies  here...

    On July 14th, 2017, I had a dream that I was in Santa Cruz, California. I was at the top of the old Santa Cruz Mall at the corner of Front and Pacific Ave. The location is significant because Front and Pacific is what's telling ahead of time... a front... for the Pacific... and Santa Cruz means "saints crossing" and in the dream I came across a prophet there who declared very boldly "It's all going down October 5th." 

    Then there was a call for me. Someone was on the phone and they said it was Bill Lee, currently now the Governor of Tennessee. At the time I interpreted it as “Billy” because I didn't know Bill Lee or any Billy who they said was calling from back home (I'm stationed in the Nashville area and so is now Governor Bill Lee). A phone was handed me and I asked him "where are you calling from?" He spoke with a southern draw and it was the voice of Bill Lee. On the phone he said one word ... he was calling from "Slashville." 
Then I turned to a friend there and told him he could escape what's coming by going back east to offer himself up to farmers to feed himself. That's a sign of how bad it's gonna get there. 
    You have to realize this was a prophetic dream that has already shown us 2 signs. This dream had Bill Lee in it at the time, long before he was governor and here he was in the dream telling us of an economic crash coming by Nashville becoming "Slashville". Before that, I had never heard of him running for governor. So the rest of this prophetic dream should be taking place during his tenor as Governor, which is 2019-2022. The 2nd sign of course, was Nashville turned to "Slashville", with the entire entertainment and tourist industries slashed from the Covid lockdowns.
    Whether that October 5th date in this dream is an exact date or symbolic for close to that time to watch, we'll have to stay in wait and see mode.

    I also had an experience surrounding this October 5th dream, that startled me, which tells me it's for 2022. You see, when I finished typing the blog of this October 5th dream, the time was 12:22 am (cst). Then later on that day when I went to post the blog online, it just so happened that it was posted at 3:22 cst (1:22 pst - see it here, scroll to the bottom) and at that same time I refreshed my phone and it said I had cleared 522 mb. If you add the 12+3+5 =20 for 2022. With those 4 number signs and October 5th landing on Yom Kippur in 2022, that's 5 signs backing this dream. for 2022.
Days later I prayed for confirmation to this dream and that 
incredible experience is here, with 5 more number signs!


original post below, when I was not aware of some things, when first reporting of this dream....

7/14/17, 11:30-:45 pm, I drempt I was on the US west coast,  in Santa Cruz, California, at the top of Santa Cruz mall, downtown, Front and Pacific ave. There was someone there who we thought was a prophet who boldly declared  "October 5th, it's all going down." I thought the mega quake is coming.
 Then there was a phone call for me. Someone by the name of  Billy was on the phone for me. I thought it strange because I didn't recall anyone named Billy that I knew.  I told him over the phone I'm coming back to Nashville to prep. I asked him where he was. He said he was in "Slashville." I told another there that he could go back east and offer himself up to farmers as labor to feed himself to survive.
    The really bizarre thing about this is right before sleep I asked for a date that the market was going down big, like it did back in 2015 when I  was given the date August 17th to buy in at. That came to pass exact. Well, right before sleep, from that same kind of  prayer, I was given the date october 5th. Now, just dreaming of it, wow, never had that happen before.

  Update 8/8/18   The Billy in the dream is Bill Lee, who looks to be the new Tennessee Governor soon, who will be stationed in "Slashville."  so this should be for October 2019-2022, one of those years, most likely, I think in 2022, since October 5th that year, Falls on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement! And California has some serious atoning to do.

   Nashville is like the model economic boom city, with like 20 cranes downtown putting up sky scrapers. But Nashville will be turned to slashville when this hits, indicative of the economy being slashed when this comes to pass. And the fellow I was telling to offer himself up as a laborer to farmers to survive is also showing how bad the times will become. 
    A west coast mega quake would take out silicon valley, killing many and making over 1 million people instantly homeless. It's going to be a historical event that will make 911 look like a small quiver.
    I was not given a year for this, so we will have to be in a wait n see mode.

    Time now 12:22


  1. The crazy thing is, when I posted this blog, the time came to 1:22. Before that, recording it, came to 12:22, and when I refreshed my phone, it said it cleared 5:22 MB at the 1st time posting this on fb....I think these are #22 signs of 2022...on big watch for that.

  2. But I think there will be an economic crash in 2020, so nashville will already be slashville before the cali mega quake. And it looks like Bill Lee is going to win the governorship of Tennessee.

  3. Oh, and now that I know Bill Lee's voice, I believe it was his voice in the dream. He spoke "slashville" with a southern draw. It was his voice in the dream. I'm fairly certain of it looking back.

  4. Well, the 2020 crash happened. The S&P fell over 30% in one of the biggest historical stock market crashes ever! Boom! CV19 shutdown.

  5. What is this "Slashville"? I don't understand what you're trying to say

    1. Slashville. The word slash is an economic term often used in bad economic times. And Nashville become slashville, God was using a play on words in the dream to show us a crash would come

  6. We are now 22 months from the fiasco that all the signs tell us, is coming to California. God help his people to awaken to get out of there in time

  7. much more at

  8. there are 10 number signs to this. I had an experience 6 days later to confirm this that I recently found in an old email. I knew this was special, but couldn't accurately report on it because I thought I had lost my record of it from 2017, but found it in an old email recently,, linked above